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Locating specific fanart - FOUND

Well, this may be an unusual request, but I hope someone at least knows what I'm talking about. Years ago, I stumbled upon a site that's main content was fanart of Team Rocket (there was also some Sailor Moon villain art and the site owners' doujinshi based on Megaman.) I can't remember the name of the site or the artist's name[s], nor do I even have any of the pictures saved ;_; I'm sort of counting on jogging someone's memory although that may be a lost cause.

There was Rocketshipping, along with yaoi/yuri pairings (Kojiri/various male characters from Pokemon, and notably Musashi/Zoisite [made female ala the North American dub of Sailor Moon.]) They also had some scanned Japanese Team Rocket doujinshi, the one I remember most clearly was a cover page of Musashi in a santa suit.

The last I saw the site was in 1999, and in the early 2000s, it was still in my bookmarks on an old computer but the site was gone by that point. Since then, as I said I've lost all pictures I saved from the site (hard drive failure on the aforementioned old computer) and don't even remember the artists' names.

Sooo, if anyone knows what I'm talking about, or has any pictures that might have been from that site, OR any other information that would be great. I would think that since some of the pictures were a bit ecchi (most of them weren't, though) they would turn up in a picture collection somewhere on the internets that someone may have seen. Other than that... well, I've done internet searches sporadically through the years with nothing ever coming up. I want to say they were somehow affiliated or at least acquainted with Jax, since I think I was linked to his site through theirs or vice versa.

As a last ditch low-res effort, I do have some printed out pictures from the site that were used on a personal folder of mine as a collage/decoration and I could probably snap a picture and see if anyone's seen them before. But I'm not home right now, so that'd have to wait.

x-posted a bit ;_;

Thank you, kojiro_james!
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