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Hello there!

Hi! I've been a closet Rocketshipper for about some time but have been supporting Rocketshipping due to the good old Kanto days.

I came to like Rocketshipping for a few reasons. First, you can't help but to notice how much physical contact Jessie and James have. Take the Kanto season for example. Back in the episode Pokemon Shipwreck, we can recall the scene where James was whining that he was too scared to cross to the other side by rope when there's a fire right below. I remember that Jessie slapped him a few times, then gently told him that they'll cross together. And James was all, "Oh Jessie, don't leave me!" I thought that moment was so sweet and adorable! That's pretty much the moment that made me a Rocketshipper. :3 It's a fun shipping that focuses a lot on friendship, which are the kind of shippings that I love.

It's just disappointing nowadays due to the lack of Rocketshipping hints. I mean, I ask myself "What on earth is going on?" It's like the anime is making us forget Rocketshipping even existed. It's just weird to me. But I'm glad to see that there's lots of supporters for this shipping, so it makes it strong. :3

One more thing. I've been wanting to ask for ages about this: will you affiliate with satokasucastle, a Ash and Misty community. I just find that it's weird how the Pokemon shipping communities don't affiliate with each other, so I'm trying to connect all the shippers in peace. :3 So, say yes? xD
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